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Belarna Grove Olive Oil

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Chilli & garlic olive oil

Years ago when I first started making flavoured olive oils I made a chilli oil and a garlic oil. Both quickly became very popular, but one customer did lament that he couldn't get both chilli and garlic in the one bottle. Hmm, I thought - not my first choice but why not!

Meanwhile, Gemma Larsen from Queensland roasted a whole cauliflower with a marinade of fresh thyme, lemon juice, salt, pepper, paprika, coconut yoghurt and the Garlic and Chilli oil.

The spicy balsamic vinegar went in a drizzle over her garden salad - croutons also tossed in the garlic and chilli oil: all of which sounds pretty good to me.

altSo by popular demand, and as used by Matilda Morton Pederson of Bena in country Victoria: Vegan and gluten free rocket and broccoli pasta salad.


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