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Belarna Grove Olive Oil

your taste of the unspoilt Hunter Valley

Chilli olive oil is the user-friendly way to pep up your dishes

without the ordeal of dealing with fresh chillies.

The chilli is a warming heat - not searingly hot.

One easy and simple option is to marinate whatever you wish to barbecue in the chilli oil for a couple of hours beforehand.

Personally, I am more inclined to add a drizzle while I cook.


 This plate is a beautiful cous-cous base with spicy middle eastern style vegetables. The level of spiciness is easy to control with this chilli oil


Chilli Olive Oil

The same quality extra virgin olive oil is used for this chilli oil as I use in all the products. I could have used a lower quality oil, safe in the knowledge that nobody would be able to taste the difference when it is masked by the chilli - but that is not they way I do things.