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New Products!

As of this week I have launched three wonderful new products. I know they are wonderful because two of them were developed by my good friend Sue Turner for her now defunct Bellbird Premium range - Sue and I worked together to develop these products and sold them at markets for a couple of years.

Dressing #1 is a combination of caramelised white balsamic vinegar and lemon myrtle olive oil. This is just a spectacular salad dressing for the green summer salad - the citrus freshness of the lemon myrtle component is balanced by the sweetness of the caramelised white balsamic and the richness of the olive oil. Equally wonderful on pancakes too!

Dressing #2 is the traditional caramelised, reduced dark balsamic vinegar brought to life with lime and chilli oil. This works on the same sort of level as the Dressing #1 - except for a kick of chilli at the end! The chilli take a few seconds to kick in and isn't overpowering - think sweet chilli - but it does lend a lovely Asian feel to the dressing - Thai coleslaw anybody?

Dressing #3 is a new one - born out of customer requests: garlic, chilli, caramelised balsamic - all the important food groups! A huge burst of flavour perfect for Mediterranean recipes, or a steak on the barbie. All three are available as 250ml and 500ml bottles

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