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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive trees have been cultivated for around 6000 years, and along with wine grapes and wheat they make up the staple crops on which Western civilisation was founded.

To make the highest quality - extra virgin - the best olives of the year, picked at the peak of ripeness which happens in April and May each year in the Hunter Valley. The olives are crushed and the water and solids are removed leaving a golden green oil high in antioxidants, low in polyphenols and tasting delicious.

Australia imports most of it's olive oil from Europe. It is generally not that high a quality as the oil produced here, today.. The Australian Olive Association regularly tests imported olive oils and they generally fail to make the standard we set in Australia. Yes - you can but great Italian and Greek olive oil: but generally only in Italy and Greece! Australia most certainly does not get the best of Europe's oils.

Belarna Grove olive oil is seldom sourced from one particular grove or variety. There are around 130,000 olive trees in the Hunter Valley and many varieties are planted. Belarna Grove Extra Virgin olive oil is usually a blend from selected groves and varieties that I have chosen to bring out the best possible flavours.

The International Olive Council (based in Europe) sets its own standards for what constitutes Virgin, Extra Virgin and just olive oil. These are generally lower standards designed to protect their industry from overseas competition, rather than a guide to quality.

Buy Australian olive oil - world class quality fresh from the farm.

Extra Virgin olive oil is best consumed fresh, with only around 7% of the world's olive oil making it to this high standard.

Most of the olive oil in the world is of a processed cooking oil standard - little different to vegetable oil and with no real health attributes.