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  Garlic Olive Oil

It is not always easy to make roast veg and polenta look sexy, but Matilda Pederson have had a go, using garlic olive oil to finish off her garlic, rosemary and roasted balsamic veggies on a base of creamy polenta. (above)

The dish on the right is from Kelly Farrell from the Central Coast of NSW.

An absolute staple of any cook's kitchen should be garlic oil.

A splash into the wok makes garlic prawns simple. A dribble on beef carpaccio brings it to life. Mixed 50:50 with white or dark balsamic and you have the all-purpose salad dressing that almost guarantees a cleared plate.

Garlic can be tricky stuff to work with when producing a flavoured oil - there are a number of things that can go badly wrong so this is one oil we don't suggest people try to make at home - leave it to the experts.