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Olives, the universe and everything

as seen from from the Hunter Valley

Who am I and what do I stand for?

This website is an insight into the things that interest me

My name is Mike Wilson - I was born in the north of England but have lived in the Hunter Valley most of my life

Across the top of this website are links to the various things in my life that I find fascinating

Please feel free to follow a link and give me your opinion on these topics: Contact

I hand-make some healthy, vegan, gluten free, delicious products: Olive Oils

I live in the Hunter Valley of NSW, some 5km from a huge open cut coal mine - so naturally the environment matters to me: Environment

Putting my interests in the future of the planet front and centre: University

Seeing a vision of how we (you!) can power this planet in the future: Energy

An interest in food, I want it to be both sustainable and tasty: Food

Happy to help people that would like to eat healthy, tasty food: Order