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The freshness of lime and the spicy kick of chilli is such a great combination - pretty much a staple combination in Thai cooking, and destined to do wonders to a Thai beef salad for summer.

Lime and chilli olive oil

This oil is destined to bring out the creativity in any cook.

The freshness of the lime perfectly balances the richness and heat of the chilli to perk up any Asian style salad, either a cold fresh salad or warm noodle dish.

Try this in the stir-fry: olive oil is ideal for this style of cooking and the lime and chilli will bring new flavours to anything Thai or Vietnamese inspired.

Couscous salad with caramelised balsamic vinegar and lime and chilli oil dressing from Aviva Muller in Melbourne is shown here, with my thanks!
Although this oil was inspired by the cuisine of South East Asia, it also lends itself to all sorts of things.
Aviva's cous-cous salad is inspired by the flavours of the Middle East - and it works just as well here too.