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My offer

Thanks for visiting. I recently made an offer to members of the Australian Vegan Foodies Facebook group: I am happy to send anybody a 3-pack of my produce to try. I produce my own range of gourmet products and have done for a few years now. I do it partly for my own satisfaction, but mainly for the great vibes I get from people that try my products and love them. I do also like to get paid for them occasionally!

Here is the problem: I live 180km due north of Sydney in a village of about 600 people, so there are not a lot of local customers in the area. How to get the word out? Well, I could invest in a huge advertising campaign that might work, but will more likely make the owners of both advertising agencies and newspapers / TV stations very happy, or I can find another way.

My other way is this: ask me for a 3-pack of my products (see the list here) and I will send you out a pack to try.

Email me at with you preferred choice of three of the products and a delivery address and I will send you out a pack. In exchange, I would like some killer recipes: preferably vegan and some photos of your creations using my products - you will get a credit on the website if I use the image / recipe.

These products are all 100% vegan. So far as I know they are all 100% gluten free, but I never had them tested. I'm happy to send anybody a sample for testing. I cannot claim that they are all organic as I can't vouch for every step in the chain, but I know the growers and so far as I know they all do the right thing.

All the products are made in the Hunter Valley of NSW, but some of the ingredients are sourced outside the Hunter.


Feel free to have a wander around the rest of the website - it tends to cover my other interests. We only have one habitable planet so we need to do a decent job of looking after it: my thoughts on this are reflected on the website.

Thanks, Mike

This is what you will get - a free 3-pack of my 100ml bottles. You get to pick which products are in the pack.

I hope you like them and order (and pay for) more!