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Olives, the universe and everything

as seen from from the Hunter Valley


Olive oils - Hunter valley grown and made

Here are a range of the products I make here in the tranquil Hunter Valley village of Broke.
These wonderful products are all hand made here in Broke - which is a long way from almost everywhere!

Although I don't claim that any of my products are organic - I cannot vouch for every ingredient so I won't
make claims I can't support - they are all vegan as I don't condone using any animal product or anything
tested on animals. I know the olive growers and have confidence that they are producing sustainable olives.

So far as I know they are also gluten-free as there is no need to use anything containing gluten to make them:
I have never had them tested so I can't verify this though.

Gourmet Flavoured Reduced Vinegar

From time to time I do have other ideas for new products, or combinations of the existing ones.

If you have a look at the Facebook site, some of these ideas will get an airing. I am always open to suggestions
of what flavour combination might work so get in touch and let me know.

Also worth a look is the Facebook page of Australian Vegan Foodies

Most of the oil, vinegar and dressings I make come in a choice of three sizes.

Spectacular dressings

These are made by combining the oil and the vinegar - and a lot of experiments

  • Dressing #1 - Lemon Myrtle olive oil and White Caramelised Balsamic
  • Dressing #2 - Lime and Chilli olive oil and Caramelised Balsamic
  • Dressing #3 - Garlic olive oil and Spicy Balsamic Vinegar

A bit of exploring of the website and you should find a few recipe ideas: mainly from other people's ideas!
I will also be putting up recipes I have tried and liked up every now and then.

Pretty much all the products are available in 3 sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 500ml.
If you are in the retail outlet and would like to sell any of these: let me know and I'll see what we can work out.

Delivery can be arranged anywhere is Australia - and overseas but it does get a bit pricey.
I did send a parcel to Sweden a while ago, so it can be done!

Please click on the link for more information and some recipe ideas