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An antipasto plate is not complete without olives!

Belarna Grove offers a jar of mixed olives in native Australian herbs:

Native Thyme or Pepperberry Leaf

Also available: natural black Kalamata olives





One of man's oldest foods, the olive has been cultivated and eaten for over 3000 years.

Olives start off green and turn pink, then purple, then black on the tree as they ripen. Choosing when to pick is always a challenge.

Green olives are crisper and crunchier than black, which tend to be softer. On the tree: olives are extremely bitter and not really all that palatable: then need to have the bitter components leeched out and there are numerous ways to do this.

Belarna Grove uses a gentle and natural anaerobic fermentation technique which brings out the natural flavours without the use of chemicals such as caustic soda: commonly used in the large scale producers.

We chose to offer a jar of mixed olives: several varieties, shapes, sizes and colours in our jars.