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Belarna Grove Olive Oil

your taste of the unspoilt Hunter Valley

Belarna Grove is the epitome of boutique

Everything is hand-made

I would rather produce a small amount of really interesting stuff than stretch it

I have some great products and some wonderful ideas, as do many of my
compatriots in the Broke Fordwich area

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This also applies to many other producers in Broke - so here you can
select from a range of Broke region products

2020 was not one of the great years for the Hunter Valley olive industry:

nothing to do with the quality - that is fine
all to do with the quantity - that is tiny

Drought and bush-fires took their toll on the crop

2020 Hunter Valley cold pressed, first run, unfiltered
extra virgin olive oil is available
but only in tiny amounts

Contact me if you are interested in some

Belarna Grove Product Range